Books are our real friends… So be choosy about books you read

Books are our real friends…Here is what it is!!!

When we read a book we put ourselves in author’s shoes and see the world through his eyes. Books inculcate good as well as bad habits into us without our knowledge.

                     “Show me your Bookshelf, I’ll tell what you are.” 

Man always believes in things that he sees or hears himself. Man learns more from his experiences. Our life will not be sufficient to learn everything by experiencing. In order to explore heights, we should learn from others’ experiences and try something new. So why not read and learn from others’ experiences and make your experience learnings for others.

                     “Different Hearts understand the Same Phrase differently.” 

Bookshelf is the standing source of joy. Books provoke different emotions within us. At times we give out loud laughter while reading and at times shed tears in sorrow. We dive deep into that world of book that we start living in that imaginary beautiful world away from mundane.

Books on different genres give us different viewpoints of the world. Books on traveling shows us the world from the window of the book. Detective stories bring out the Sherlock Holmes within us and we become Romeo reading romantic drama.

We can not invest our valuable minutes in reading unworthy stuff, while reading the best books we can enlarge our vision. Books are our best friends so we have to choose best company for ourselves. Reading books gives us sense of relaxation and great source of pleasure and happiness in dictating our enjoyment in our own terms.

                     “Good books ennoble our minds, while bad books pollute it.”

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